Graphic Design
of my

I have worked as a graphic designer for various clients; from an economic international think tank to cultural organisations. I have the ability to find the necessary elements that are required to carry out any project. I look at the bigger picture, and I can create visual solutions within many subjects, always able to find the highlights and the critical points of the projects.

As a designer, I like to focus my creativity on the search for a clear solution, presenting my ideas and concepts related to the requirements of the project, taking the proper time for a full research. Graphic design is about communication, it’s about deliver the correct message to your public.

Here you have some samples of my work, hope that you like if you have any question don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Somerset House Learning Centre


Graphic installation for the Somerset House in London.

Project commissioned by the King’s College. The scope of the identity of the installation was the history of the building. A combination of plans of London from the XVII Century and vintage images related to city were used as part of the final images. 


vintage picture lion black and white

University of Warwick

Branding and Graphic Design

Research project about the creation of a new Faculty of Arts building at the University of Warwick. For the identity I worked a number of iconic building shapes from the pyramids at Giza to the Shard in the heart of London.

 To reinforce the humanities side of the research I combine the building images with shapes and symbols associated with the subject of Humanities. 

The project comprises print media, multimedia support and social media applications.

set of icons in whiote ina black background

Mariano Moreno Library


Branding and Graphic Design

The Mariano Moreno Public Library is one of thew most famous libraries in Argentina, named in honour of an Argentine politician who promoted the May Revolution.

The project includes branding, media design and different applications.

Mariano Moreno visual identity examples
Book showing branding of Mariano Moreno museum

The Place, Strathclyde University 

“The Place” is a new learning and teaching space for  the university of Strathclyde.

Before starting with the physical construction of the space. I develop a full report with the results of the multiple researches and studies used to build the space. The final document comprises maps, graphs and interpretation of the data for the general public.

Tking banking solution

This app provides the user financial solutions and advises. The user can link the bank account to the application and control the finances easily and secure even being able to link multiple bank accounts.

The identity focuses on transmitting security and trust. The colour palette and the basic geometric forms help to build a solid brand.